Social Work Community: Black Lives Matter and Racial Disparities

BlackLivesMatter is a social justice movement that originated on social media. This type of movement is known as social media activism, and it takes the form of a campaign that gains ground via social platforms, word of mouth, hashtags and events that are often organized through the aforementioned platforms. [...]


We Help is a monthly podcast brought to you by Social Work License Map. Each episode on We Help has its own theme and multiple acts. It focuses on the daily lives of social workers everywhere and their impact on the current topics in social work today […]

We Help Podcast: Ep. 2 #WeStandUp

Each April since 2001, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center has organized Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) to bring attention to the nearly one in five women and one in 71 men who are the victims of rape. The month is observed with educational events, media campaigns and fundraisers to […]

#WeStandUp | Social Worker Stories

April marks Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Social workers provide a unique and value impact on the healing and empowerment of victims and […]

Social Workers On Staff: A New Approach To Primary Care

John is suffering from both physical and mental health issues, so he goes to his primary care provider’s office to seek treatment for the physical problems. After his evaluation, John is surprised when his doctor introduces him to a social worker who works in the same office and helps patients […]