Social Workers to Follow on Twitter

As a social worker, seeking out advice and guidance from reliable sources can be beneficial. Social media sites like Twitter are useful platforms for finding professional development ideas and networking opportunities.

The National Association of Social Workers’ Code of Ethics includes some guidelines for social workers in the digital age. Among the points relevant to social workers’ use of social media are:

  • Posting personal information on professional websites or other media could lead to boundary confusion, inappropriate relationships or client harm.
  • Clients may discover personal information about them based on their personal affiliations and use of social media.
  • Social workers should circumvent accepting requests from or engaging in personal relationships with clients on online social networks or other digital media.
  • Social workers should avoid sharing any confidential or identifying details about clients on websites or social media.

There are many ways to interact with social media, such as following social work Twitter accounts, without compromising ethics. In fact, some social media sites set up by social work organizations and practitioners can be of great value to students or new social workers. 

Finding social work Twitter accounts to follow is a helpful way to connect with influential people, organizations and publishers in the field. You can learn from the ideas, news, research and new practices they share.

If you’re interested in becoming a social worker, explore our list of online MSW programs. You can choose a program based on your goals and the specialization you desire to pursue. 

Social Work Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter accounts come and go, and it’s difficult to discern active tweeters who share up-to-date information without digging into the account. This list can give you a good start when searching for social work Twitter accounts of official organizations and influencers.

The following social work Twitter accounts may be helpful to you.

Black Men in Social Work

Moderator: Andre Marcel Harris
Twitter Feed: @BlackMenInSW
Followers: 1,000+
Website: N/A

Dr. Amanda M. L. Taylor

Moderator: Amanda M.L. Taylor
Twitter Feed: @AMLTaylor66
Followers: 8,000+
Website: N/A

Global Social Work Distance Education

Moderators: Rose Singh, Melissa Thompson
Twitter Feed: @Global_SW_DE
Followers: 400+
Website:  N/A

Harry Ferguson

Moderator: Harry Ferguson
Twitter Feed: @Harr_Ferguson
Followers: 12,500+
Website: N/A

Social Work Helper

Moderator: Deona Hooper
Twitter Feed: @swhelperorg
Followers: 14,000+
Website: SWHelper

Springer Social Work

Moderator: Springer Social Work
Twitter Feed: @SpringerSW
Followers: 1,300+
Website: Springer

Social Work Toolkit

Moderator: Social Work Toolkit
Twitter Feed: @socialworktools
Followers: 8,300+
Website: N/A

Information on this page was last retrieved in October 2020.