We Help is a monthly podcast brought to you by Social Work License Map. Each episode on We Help has its own theme and multiple acts. It focuses on the daily lives of social workers everywhere and their impact on the current topics in social work today, by sharing social workers’ personal experiences, but also the stories of those they’ve helped. We Help shines a light on social work, clarifying common misconceptions about the profession. Join your host, Arly Nguyen, every month to get a glimpse into the real life of social workers everywhere.

If you have ideas for future episodes, want to say hello, please contact us at contactus@socialworklicensemap.com.

Episode 2: #WeStandUp

#WeStandUp: Social Workers for Survivors of Sexual Assault is Social Work License Map’s campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Our goal is to bring to light to a difficult topic and the social workers who help survivors move forward in their lives. Our second episode features Annie, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, who shares the process she took to find the support she needed. In the second segment, we introduce Josie Torielli, a licensed clinical social worker from the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault who guides Annie through her story and the steps social workers should take to help survivors like Annie.

Episode 1: Pilot Home

In today’s episode, we talk with Mohammed, an asylee from Iraq, to learn about his experience leaving home to make a new one here in the U.S. We also talk with Ena, a refugee social worker who shares her tips for working with refugees. These stories are just a fragment of the real struggle and work that refugees and refugee social workers do.