Elderly Care And Social Work

Learn more about the field of geriatric social work, and how earning an Master's of Social Work can help you make a difference in the lives of senior citizens!

Books For Social Workers

Check out these 10 inspirational books that are great for practicing and aspiring social workers to gain an intimate and personal understanding of social work!

Criminal Justice And Social Work

Criminal justice social workers—also prison social workers, or correctional social workers as they are sometimes called—are social workers whose clients are, have been, or may soon be incarcerated.

Masters Of Social Work: Barbara Mikulski

Many years after earning her Master of Social Work, Senator Mikulski still credits the helping profession with some of her most important lessons in leadership.

What Jobs Are Available With An MSW Degree?

Becoming a professional social worker requires a Masters Degree of Social Work (MSW) and attaining an advanced degree can benefit your career immeasurably. An MSW demonstrates that you are serious about sharpening your skills and that you are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. MSW programs blend academic […]

The NASW Code Of Ethics

Social workers often face complex problems without clear solutions as they strive to help all people live fulfilling and productive lives. The world we live in poses resource constraints and ethical dilemmas to meeting that goal. Social workers have heavy caseloads, limited budgets and sometimes vexing social problems that make it […]