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Comparing Social Service Degrees

Careers in social service vary depending on preferred consumers, community, and approach. While social work can be a cornerstone to approaching several levels of intervention and support, there is also counseling, psychology and public health to consider.

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Social Learning Theory

Originating in the 1970’s, social learning theory posits that human behavior is learned through observation and imitation. Social workers utilize this theory in approaches to identify dysfunctional patterns of thought that lead to disruptive behaviors.

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Theoretical Approaches in Social Work: Systems Theory

One of the many approaches to clients in social work is the systems theory. Rooted in understanding the systems that surround individuals, social workers work with their clients and community in addressing concerns on the influence of multiple interrelated systems, such as families, organizations, societies and others.

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Social Work Interviews

We’re interviewing professional and licensed social workers in the field to learn more about their experiences, populations they work with, and what causes they advocate for!

Discover what it means to be a social worker with our social work expert interview series.

Social Work Grants

Grants are a form of financial assistance awarded for research and other ventures of professionals in the field. Typically doctoral students are awarded grants to pursue their research, which would contribute to the field of social work.

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Social Work Scholarships

Scholarships can be a great way to pursue financial assistance from different organizations and universities. Many scholarships are in memorium or past social work professionals who have worked with a specific population.

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Social Work Internships

An integral part of your social work degree, a social work internship, or field placement, allows you to interact with clients and the community under the instruction of an approved supervisor. While hours may vary by degree, a social work internship is required in all accredited master’s in social work programs.

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Social Work Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteerism can be a great opportunity to gain experience working with various communities and individuals. Volunteer opportunities may also help your social work resume, illustrating experience working with your preferred clients.

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Mental Health Resources

In our extensive, but not all inclusive mental health resources list, we share some crucial websites for more information in social work, counseling, psychology and other helping profession fields.

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