Social Work Toolbox

In order to become a licensed social worker, you must pursue a Master of Social Work degree. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredits on-campus, hybrid and online MSW programs that may help support your career goals.

Whether you are already a social worker or just thinking about pursuing a career in the mental health profession, resources are invaluable sources of professional development, field trends, networking and support. What you may benefit from may be determined by the population you choose to work it. Licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) may work with a variety of populations, for example. 

Learn more through our collection of social blogs, social media recommendations and population-specific resources. 

Social Work Blogs

Blogs are an outlet for social workers to share their experiences, trends in the field, and offer ways to connect. Blogs are authored by organizations and nonprofits, universities and social workers in the field. Learn more about some of the top social work blogs.

Social Work on YouTube

Licensed social workers have channels where they share their days, offer insight into the profession and give tips on time management. Learn more about some of the top YouTube channels for social workers.