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Social Work License Map is a comprehensive resource for social worker licensure information. It provides state-specific information on how to become a social worker, as well as social work careers, salaries, social work scholarships, credentials, licensure tests and license endorsement. We also created the dynamic blog ranking tool Inspired Advocates to help raise awareness of online social justice efforts. Our aim is to provide all the information necessary to become a social worker no matter where you live.

Social Work License Map is a FREE resource for those interested in a career in social work. MSW online programs encompass a wide range of specialized fields including psychology, mental health, and administrative practices. MSW programs are considered a holistic education. Online MSW programs are a perfect option if you require more flexibility in your secondary education.MSW online degree programs give an edge to your social work career. The top MSW programs structure and refine your ability to assist the less fortunate. We provide state-by-state information on accredited MSW programs online that will equip you with all of the necessary knowledge and practical skills. Accredited online MSW programs are asynchronous.

Most employers in the social work domain prefer to hire candidates who have completed a Masters of social work program. Certain employers even sponsor their employees for the Master of social work online programs. With the Masters of social work programs online, you can more easily advance your career in social work.

The mission of the Masters in social work online program is to produce social workers. Online social work programs take the responsibility of vocational placement for students. For a Masters of social work online degree, you do not need to turn in assignments on any given date. An online Masters degree in social work is especially beneficial for those who reside in remote areas and cannot commute to an urban campus. We are constantly adding and updating the information regarding online Masters degree in social work that can prepare you for licensure.

A Masters degree in social work has been proven to result in higher compensation. With the online social work degree, you can be employed in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, nursing homes, mental health clinics and childhood intervention programs.

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