Tips For Supporting A Loved One Struggling With Self Harm

In support of Self Harm Awareness Month, we are happy to present this guest post from Valerie Schauf, who runs the blog More Than Skin Deep, offering tips for those of you who know someone who is self harming and are unsure of how to help. Having recovered from the […]

Social Work License Map Celebrates Social Work Month!

The nature of social work is private, quiet, and understated. As a result, the dynamic and life-changing efforts of social workers often go unrecognized. For this reason, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) created Social Work Month. Every March, Social Work Month turns the spotlight to all the in-the-trenches, […]

Announcing Inspired Advocates!

Welcome to Inspired Advocates, our new resource dedicated to creating awareness and community for the best social justice sites on the web!

Shaping Minds: The Mental Health Benefits Of After-School Programs

With the school year in full swing, social workers may be thinking about getting involved with after-school enrichment programs.

Recovery Month And The Role Of Family Dynamics In Substance Abuse

We get to know a lot about the addict, but we rarely see the family’s role in contributing to the addictive behavior. The truth is, a person's battle with addiction is usually closely tied to the personal relationships he or she has with family members.

Social Work And Networking For The Greater Good

One of the most common struggles that new social workers face is the reality of providing social services in communities with few resources. Though it is uncommon to come into the social work field with the expectation of working with limitless funding and staffing, it is disappointing to realize few […]