Life Lessons My Adopted Children Taught Me

I became a father overnight. I awoke in the morning, still somewhat in a state of shock after having put my two sons to bed for the first time the night before. Never mind that I had prepared for several years to take on the role of a single, adoptive […]

Q&A: A Student’s Non-Traditional Path To A Master’s Of Social Work

For many graduates, the path from college graduation to their eventual career can be a windy one. Just ask Sarah Bridgeman. She earned a fine arts degree and studied with an artist in Paris before attending cosmetology school and tutoring struggling students in an after-school program. The latter inspired Bridgeman […]

Q&A: Social Work Or Counseling Degree? A Student’s Perspective

Counseling and social work degrees both appeal to empathetic people eager to make a positive impact on others. Still, the degrees aren't interchangeable. We talked to Treston Kingsbury, an MSW@USC student who chose social work instead of counseling. Kingsbury completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online through Ashland University […]


Strategies To Identify And Prevent Bullying

During the past few years, the importance of addressing bullying has become increasingly apparent in the social work community. Research and anecdotal stories highlight the ways that bullying can negatively affect the school environment as well as interfere with students’ academic lives and mental health. The National Association of Social […]

How To Balance A New Diagnosis: Down Syndrome

When an error in cell development results in 47 chromosomes — rather than 46 — the extra gene interferes with normal brain and body development. This chromosome abnormality, referred to as Down syndrome, occurs in about one out of every 700 births, according to BabyCenter. Children with Down syndrome experience […]

Guest Blog: So, Your Baby Has Down Syndrome

In support of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we are happy to present this guest post from Teresa Unnerstall. She is a parent of Nick who is 20 years old and has Down syndrome and autism. Teresa is a writer, speaker and advocate. She is currently working on a memoir about […]